150 years of Walter Knoll

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01 Wilhelm Knoll

Wilhelm Knoll (1839 – 1907), the founder of the Knoll furniture dynasty.

02 Business foundation

Certified copy of the foundation of the business in Stuttgart on 6 June 1865.

03 Club fauteuil

First club fauteuil from around 1907 by Wilhelm Knoll. It was the forerunner of the club armchair.

04 Walter Knoll

Walter Knoll (1876 – 1971).

05 Antimott

Advert for the “Antimott” range, result of the use of pioneering procedures, from around 1927.

06 Antimott

The drilled mott became the trademark of the “Antimott” range.

07 Antimott

The “Antimott” light-metal chair from Wilhelm Knoll.

08 Zeppelin

The “Hindenburg-LZ 129” airship was furnished with the “Antimott” light-metal chair in 1936. A key contract, which reflected the great success of the company in the mid-1930s.

09 + 10 Zeppelin

Lounge in the Hindenburg airship.

11 Prodomo

Advert for the “Prodomo” range, result of the use of pioneering procedures, 1929.

12 + 13 Prodomo
The “Prodomo” models are seen as the first modern upholstered furniture in history. The patented elastic steel band suspension ensured greater seating comfort and provided scope for creative design.

14 + 15 DoX

The world’s first wide-bodied aircraft, made by Dornier, the DoX, was furnished entirely with “Prodomo” models in 1929.

16 Weissenhof

The exhibition “Die Wohnung” (The Apartment) 1927 at the Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart set standards in modern building and living all over the world.

17 Herrenberg

Herrenberg - Walter Knoll HQ from 1937.

18 Hans and Florence Knoll

Walter Knoll’s son Hans, together with his wife Florence, founded the company “Knoll International” in 1939 in the United States.

19 Vostra

The “Vostra” armchair made of beechwood and belted, designed by Jens Risom in 1941.

20 Vostra

Advert for “Vostra”, one of the first major seating series of the post-war era by Walter Knoll.

21 Vostra

In 1949, “Vostra” was presented at the “Neues Wohnen” (New Living) exhibition in Cologne and soon afterwards enjoyed great success.

22 Vostra

Student hall of residence in Hamburg 1953 with “Vostra” armchairs and tables by Walter Knoll.

23 Vostra

“Vostra” - its success is legendary both in the past and today.

24 369

Bucket seat “369”, developed by Walter Knoll in 1956. At the time, the Cologne Furniture Fair praised the armchair as an “ornament of the modern room with its own elegant form and tasteful touch”.

25 369

The bucket seat “369” – a genuine lifestyle classic.

26 Stuttgart TV Tower

Stuttgart TV Tower, 1956.

27 Stuttgart TV Tower

Stuttgart TV Tower with seats from the Walter Knoll “Forum” range, by Herta Maria Witzemann, 1955/56.

28 Worldwide

Growing export in the 1950s.

29 FK

Once avant-garde, now a classic – the FK bucket seat by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm from 1967. In the 1960s the armchair was laying down markers for a new formal language. In 1969 it was awarded the first federal design prize for “Good Shape” (“Gute Form”) and has been accepted as an icon of design ever since.

30 FK

FK – the unique form, the clear contours, the perfect lines. The bucket seat is an icon of minimalism in design.

31 + 32 Fabricius

As a genuine classic, Fabricius tells the story of furniture: the Conversation Chair, designed by Preben Fabricius in 1972.

33 Airport Berlin-Tegel

Furnishing Berlin’s Tegel Airport in 1974 is certainly one of the highlights of the company’s history.

34 Berlin Chair

The “Berlin Chair” – designed in 1975 by Meinhard von Gerkan for the VIP lounge of Berlin’s Tegel Airport.

35 Berlin Chair

The “Berlin Chair” – a genuine classic of design history. Walter Knoll has recently reissued the armchair.

36 Markus Benz

Markus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG.

37 Brandland

Walter Knoll HQ in Herrenberg. Architecture: Hansulrich Benz.

38 Brandland

On the established site of the Walter Knoll brandland in Herrenberg, the modern multi-functional building from 2006 corresponds to traditional industrial architecture.