Special solutions for Smart Home security at the pioneering

Submitted by J. Mikhail on Sun, 04/08/2018 - 23:12

»let’s be smart« exhibition at the imm in Cologne

The German brand manufacturers Biffar and Marantec

will be presenting their innovative security solutions for doors and gates at the

special Smart Home exhibition from 15 to 21 January 2018. Biffar is also taking

this opportunity at the imm to showcase its Biffar|neo and Biffar|one

innovations designed by Studio F. A. Porsche.

Featuring a complete Smart Home installation, the pioneering exhibition

organised by the »let’s be smart« network covers almost 1,000 square metres and

is located in Hall 4.2 (Pure Architects). Visitors can step inside and experience

products in action from over 30 manufacturers in a range of everyday situations.

Geared towards the different stages in life, the Smart Home comprises an

apartment designed for several family generations, a micro living apartment and

an integrated home office.

Security is a core element in smart home solutions. The opportunity to design your

own home to ensure complete security as well as a high level of comfort and

convenience are the main reasons people opt for a smart home. Thanks to clever

and innovative solutions for protecting potentially vulnerable areas of the home,

it is now possible to fulfil both of these wishes without comprising.

The potential for break-ins starts with the doors and gates to your home, often via

garden gates or garage doors. Especially during the holidays, outdated security

solutions provide thieves with easy ways to gain access. When looking for

potential weak spots to enter a home, they often find unsecured garages.

However, a modern electronic system makes it very difficult and noisy for anyone

to force open a garage door. The self-locking mechanism in the motor effectively

locks the door, even if it has not been additionally locked. This is often enough to

deter thieves. As soon as they encounter resistance, they usually decide to search

for less secure homes before their break-in efforts are detected. Doors fitted with

an automatic Marantec system provide reliable protection for people and

property. They even work if the mains power supply goes down and immediately

signal if any part is not working perfectly. The products comply with all the

European and international standards.

Marantec gate and door opening systems provide 3-way protection against

unauthorised entry through garden gates or garage doors. Security is ensured by

the natural self-locking mechanism of the drive unit and an electronically

monitored push-open security device. Furthermore, when fitted together with an

expansion kit, SafeLock rails mechanically prevent doors from being pushed up by

engaging an additional locking pawl in the rail. An electronic system can be

installed for all types of doors and retrofitting is easy. Smart home technology also

offers a greater level of convenience in your daily life. The door opens effortlessly

with the touch of a button from a hand-held control unit. If you occasionally forget

to lock doors and gates, you’ll find that the electronic system helps to make life

that little bit easier.

Moving on to the front door, the exceptional home security system features an

advanced door locking system and high-quality materials. Home owners can

choose from a wide range of security options offered by the renowned company

Biffar based in Edenkoben. Its two newest products, Biffar|one and Biffar|neo,

were designed by the prestigious Studio F. A. Porsche. Featuring uniquely organic

lines, the doors combine modern metal surfaces, fine woods and high-grade

materials to create a harmonious entity. Biffar|one won the Home&Trend Award as

“Trend Product of the Year 2017/2018”, impressing with its functionality,

innovation, design, product benefits and quality of materials. This comes as no

surprise because both of these Biffar products exhibit a sleek design and unique

functionality. The security options range from a camera spyhole and door restrictor

through to app-controlled smart home functions, fingerprint technology and an

automatic lock. Thanks to special materials and superior manufacturing quality,

Biffar|one and Biffar|neo also provide noise protection and thermal insulation.

The integrated solutions from Marantec and Biffar will be showcased in

combination with products developed by other exhibiting partners in the fully

equipped »let’s be smart« Smart Home installation. During a series of scheduled

tours, visitors can see demonstrations of the Smart Home’s functions and try them

out for themselves. The online portal www.letsbesmart.de provides reports on

the solutions developed by the »let’s be smart« network. It also includes an

extensive media library with product literature and practical examples from the

Smart Home exhibitions showing how the technology can be effectively used in

our homes.


Established in 2015, »let’s be smart« is a network of manufacturers, service providers

and professional associations from a wide variety of industries. Its aim is to promote

innovative technology and the resulting benefits by showcasing practical examples of

how the products can be used in everyday life. The scope of cooperation ranges from

developing joint solutions and products through to marketing activities, exhibitions

and sales partnerships.

The network was initiated by RFID GmbH by Geschwister Flötotto and Koelnmesse.

Further partners are Artome, ASD Sonnenspeicher, Bauking, Biffar, Clage, Connected

Living, controLED, Grohe, Inovvida Holding, König und Neurath, Lehmann, Marantec,

Meisterteam, Miele, Nolte Küchen, Nolte Möbel, Oligo, Paperflow, Rehau,

RheinEnergie, Röhr Bush, Rom Polstermöbel, Smartblock, Samsung, Tesla, TüV Nord,

the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM), Vestamatic and Viessmann.