Versatile, reliable and convincing: SEALPAC’s all-in-one PRO14 thermoformer

Submitted by J. Mikhail on Sat, 04/07/2018 - 23:32

At Anuga FoodTec 2018 in Cologne, SEALPAC is highlighting its ThermoSkin® packaging solution on a compact and cost-efficient PRO14 thermoformer with auxiliary equipment from Converging Solutions and Ravenwood. All PRO-series thermoformers have an extremely small footprint, due to which they require minimum space in the production area. On the other hand, they also have an extremely large loading zone, which is accessible from both sides, and makes loading of products easy. Furthermore, these robust thermoformers have a modular design that can be easily adapted to individual requirements. Depending on machine type, a wide range of applications can be handled. As such, they reliably package meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, snacks, ready meals, bakery and many other products.

SEALPAC PRO14 thermoformer – the all-in-one solution
SEALPAC’s PRO14 thermoformer is now capable of handling even more applications: from flexible film vacuum packaging, rigid film modified atmosphere packaging, shrink packaging, up to skin packaging. SEALPAC’s quick exchange system from the side allows for easy product changes with minimum downtime. In Cologne, a line will be demonstrated for producing vacuum skin packaging. The ThermoSkin® system uses a special film that fits the contours of the product like a second skin, therefore creating an attractive 3D effect that will enhance the product’s appearance at retail. Furthermore, due to the deep vacuum, the ThermoSkin® system is able to extend the shelf life of for example fresh meat, poultry and seafood. Each cycle, four packs in two rows and two tracks leave the out-feed conveyor. They are brought in line by means of a lane converger from Converging Solutions, after which a linerless label is applied with the Nobac 500 system from Ravenwood.

Rapid Air Forming – less energy and material consumption
Like all SEALPAC PRO-series thermoformers, the PRO14 is standard equipped with the innovative Rapid Air Forming system. This system achieves an improved forming consistency, particularly in the corners of the pack. Furthermore, it allows for higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times and provides the possibility to use up to 10% thinner film, making your production even more profitable. Combined with extremely precise film cutting systems, the PRO14 thermoformer produces optically perfect skin packs – for an attractive presentation at retail.

Servo lifting systems – reduced maintenance and air consumption
Its durable construction makes the PRO14 thermoformer less sensitive to maintenance. As an example, servo-driven chain transport provides an optimal distribution of forces and reduces wear and tear. Furthermore, two lubricant-free, servo-driven lifting systems reduce maintenance requirements and consume less compressed air. SEALPAC’s service scope is every bit as convincing – from remote digital assistance to on-site technical support by our distributors. And even better: thanks to intelligent logistics and our high rate of in-house manufacturing, spare parts and consumables are always in stock and ready for global delivery.