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Blurred Lines: how co-ferments, hard seltzer and zero-alc options are transforming the beverage industry 

Authors: Paula Redes Sidore and Stuart Pigott  

Once upon a time, the lines between the categories of alcoholic beverages were clearly defined and easily recognizable. Every producer had a lane to stay in, a particular audience to reach, and a clearly defined message to transmit. However, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, consumers today are switching with increasing frequency between beverages and trialing new beverages. We have entered a new era of blurred lines.

How Climate Change is Driving Adaptation in the Vineyard

Authors: Paula Redes Sidore and Stuart Pigott   It’s a 21st century truism that “change comes from within.” But the truth of the matter is that it usually only comes as a result of outside pressures. During prior decades vineyard replanting was typically driven by market forces and fashions, now those replantings are happening in response to a completely different outside pressure. And with the recent and sobering release of the 2022 Global Assessment of Climate Change report, this pressure is rooted not in culture, but in environment. Just as the industry had to act swiftly to adapt over the last two years from in-person to on-line, winemakers are now facing their own reckoning in the vineyard. How they choose to cope can vary as dramatically as the wines themselves. However, this increasingly has to do with the genetics of the vine. A range of vinuous examples will be on display at ProWein on May 15 - 17, 2022 in Düsseldorf.

ProWein 2022 Wine Bounces Back

Authors: Paula Redes Sidore and Stuart Pigott  

When Covid-19 reached North America and Europe en route to the world two years ago, things looked very bad for Planet Wine. Many insiders feared the global wine industry would tip into a crisis as deep as that during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Wine, however, has continued to demonstrate a remarkable flexibility and resilience, evidenced not least through the return of the first ProWein in 3 years on 15 May in Düsseldorf/Germany.

International sector looks to ProWein 2022 from 15 to 17 May with great anticipation

Unique product range worldwide: Over 5,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries

After the mandatory pandemic-induced 2-year break the international wine and spirits industry is now looking to ProWein from 15 to 17 May 2022 with great anticipation. The product ranges are unique worldwide in terms of diversity – despite the difficult circumstances associated with Covid and the postponement to May. The international market leaders are represented here as are importers and exporters, commercial agents, select vintners and the regional growing regions from the great wine nations.

ProWein 2022 - Trending: Overnight Caravan Stays with Vintners

Premiere for the Wine Travel Awards

Wine tourism is a key sales-promoting and image-building channel for many vintners. In Germany alone wine tourism in the growing regions generated total annual sales of EUR 29.9 b in 2019 according to a study carried out by the DWI (German Wine Institute) and Geisenheim University. In combination with caravanning as a way of holiday making this opens up completely new perspectives.

ProWein 2022: Covid restrictions largely lifted

Matchmaking: “Dating App“ for wine and spirits professionals

The Covid restrictions of the past two pandemic years can now largely be dropped under current legal provisions. In concrete terms this means for the forthcoming ProWein from 15 to 17 May: the 2G and 3G restrictions and strict social distancing rules no longer apply. “After this long pandemic period the focus is now on a new departure because the signs of the time all point in the same direction – namely an active resumption of business life. International trade fairs play an essential key role here.

ProWein 2022 boasts international top ranges:

Some 5,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries

There is no way around ProWein – the leading International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits in Düsseldorf. With approximately 5,500 exhibitors from over 60 countries it offers the world’s largest range of wines, spirits and craft drinks. For the international professionals from specialist retail, food retail and the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors ProWein from 15 to 17 May 2022 is therefore the industry’s uncontested key event and ideal platform for networking and scouting new trends and products.  

Current ProWein Business Report 2021 now available:

The wine sector looks positively at post-Covid times and bets on sustainability 

Commissioned by ProWein, late 2021 saw Geisenheim University survey experts representing the entire wine supply chain from 48 countries for the fifth time now. Participants in the survey include wine producers from the most important wine-growing countries in the old and new world, exporters, importers, specialist wine dealers as well as representatives from food service and hospitality.

“same but different”: the highlight for Craft Spirits Craft Beer & Cider at the heart of ProWein 2022

120 exhibitors from 24 countries/ trending: non-alcoholic

The Trend Show “same but different” (sbd) is a real highlight at the heart of ProWein 2022 from 15 to 17 May. To the tune of 120 exhibitors from 24 countries will be presenting extensive and cutting-edge ranges of craft spirits, craft beer and cider here in Hall 7.0 – meaning this special event will again be fully booked thanks to its special recipe. “The success formula and hallmark of “same but different” are its unique spirit and inimitable atmosphere, setting the tone for activities in this exhibition hall.