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The digital and real world of fastening become one fischer BIM Services

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The digital and real world of fastening become one  fischer BIM Services

fischer’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) services provide added efficiency during projects and offer many advantages such as adherence to timeframes and budgets. Smart, digital twins of fischer fixing and system solutions are just as much part of the range as BIM engineering services. The various support options encompass the entire planning, construction and operational phases of buildings in line with the respective requirements of the customers and projects.

As a manufacturer of innovative fixings, facade systems and systems for the installation of building services (heating, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning etc.), the fischer Group of Companies offers multiple BIM services in order to take part in the ongoing digital transformation of the construction industry as a competent and reliable partner. The services optimise almost any construction and operational phase of the building. 

fischer’s BIM services comprise smart, digital twins of relevant products, system components and predefined components. The range of services includes fischer fixing and system solutions including inserts (fischer anchor channels), facade substructures, installation systems and fire protection. fischer’s BIM offerings further comprise BIM engineering services and custom solutions to select, design and model fischer fixing and system solutions and create project-specific digital models and components optimised according to customer requirements. In doing so, information can be implemented in the building model, from the concept design to maximum detail modelling.

The smart, digital twins of the fixing specialist’s products and systems can be downloaded free of charge in the Autodesk Revit format on fischer’s website as well as on the bimobject and MagiCloud platforms. The objects are primarily provided as native Revit families, allowing them to be easily and optimally edited and duplicated. They provide additional functions that meet specific project and customer requirements and can also be adapted by fischer as required. fischer’s portfolio of smart, digital twins of products and systems can be used in a user-friendly manner with a range of services and custom solutions.

There are also comprehensive on-site support options, including BIM to Field support using digital models and the latest technology (Robotik Total Station, RTS), for the precise positioning of drill holes or preassembled components from the 3D model onto the building site, for example. The on-site support furthermore includes installation training, digital solutions to document work that has been carried out and many other services such as Field to BIM services for surveying and modelling including point cloud analysis and processing in addition to as-built documentation to create a 3D image of the existing structure. Monitoring solutions during the construction phase complete fischer’s offer. Smart tools allow important details on correct installation to be documented. This prevents installation errors and long-term damage, while maintenance work and its associated time and cost are kept to a minimum. 

Furthermore, fischer is connecting the world of fixing technology with intelligent measurement systems through new and innovative product solutions, creating a better flow of information to the benefit of the building operators and owners throughout the property’s operating life.

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