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VS WASH: sort, stow, transport

Submitted by J. Mikhail on Wed, 07/06/2022 - 13:05

Regardless of whether the washing machine is in the cellar, the utility room, the kitchen or the bathroom - collecting and transporting dirty laundry is a special challenge in every household. Finding sufficient and suitable space for this is an important part of comfortable living space design in everyday life. The VS WASH is the clean solution for dirty laundry. Because with this laundry system, it can be neatly sorted, stored and transported - completely invisibly.
Making optimum use of existing space, facilitating workflows in the kitchen and utility room, continuing the high design standards inside the furniture - these are the foundations of Vauth-Sagel's success. Every product developed by the family business must be measured against these requirements. The well thought-out VS WASH system takes these everyday necessities into account. The new laundry bins - in a unique variety of types - are provided with openings to ensure optimum air circulation. The perforations are also rounded on the inside of the containers - this makes a unique contribution to protecting the laundry. Thanks to the carrying handle, getting to the washing machine is also easier than ever – even with both laundry containers at once. The hidden drop integrates perfectly into any living space. Technically and visually, the VS WASH is based on the proven waste separation systems of the

VS ENVI category.

Contemporary and innovative storage solutions. This is the essence of what Vauth-Sagel has stood for for more than 55 years. The owner-managed family company focuses on people's desire for the highest- possible level of comfort in all of its system components. The competence areas of development, production and sales are geared towards this - day after day. The core competencies in the kitchen and furniture industry have long since been transferred to modern living components. And that motivates the more than 1,000 employees to produce more than 85 million products with the quality mark "Made in Germany" every year. In addition to many years of cross-material expertise, there are other features that ensure that Vauth-Sagel's global customers are that decisive step ahead: "Creating high-quality system solutions for living spaces. And doing that for everyone" - this promise is based on forward-looking impulses in product design and equipment. THAT is all Vauth-Sagel!

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