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IDS 2023: Do GBT! Keep your teeth for life

Submitted by J. Mikhail on
Guided Biofilm Therapy in the fast lane at IDS 2023 Cologne, Germany, March 14, 2023: EMS, Electro Medical Systems S.A., will present the game changing Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) at the International Dental Show (IDS, 14.-18. March, Cologne) in Hall 10.2. This year’s focus will be on education with the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA), as well as on important innovations relating to the GBT protocol, which further improve patients’ and clinicians’ comfort. One example is GBT FLOWCONTROL®, the new, highly efficient suction cannula that reduces aerosol and splatter effectively. Another highlight for IDS visitors is the chance to experience GBT for themselves during a live treatment in one of three GBT Lounges situated within the booth.