Blood pressure and ECG: Complete heart health check with the new BM 96 Cardio

Submitted by J. Mikhail on Sat, 11/20/2021 - 14:16
Blood pressure and ECG: Complete heart health check with the new BM 96 Cardio

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common causes of death. What is dangerous is that the symptoms of high blood pressure or cardiac arrhythmia often go unnoticed for a long time. This makes regular monitoring of vital signs all the more important since cardiac arrhythmia, such as the feared atrial fibrillation, can be a sign of serious cardiovascular disease. With the new BM 96 Cardio, blood pressure and heart rhythm – the two most important parameters of heart health – can be checked at the push of a button. The practical 2-in-1 device makes it possible to measure the values at home and is suitable for reliable long-term observation.

The BM 96 Cardio measures blood pressure and pulse values through a fully automatic measurement on the upper arm. The universal cuff is suitable for upper arm circumferences of 22-42 cm. The device checks that the cuff is in the right position to ensure proper positioning. Inflation technology offers maximum convenience as the measurement is carried out practically and quickly through gentle pressure build-up while the cuff is being inflated. The integrated risk indicator helps the user interpret the results and the patented resting indicator guarantees precise measurement values. A symbol display helps avoid measurement errors due to insufficient calmness of the circulatory system. The BM 96 Cardio calculates the average value of all saved measurements and the average value of the morning and evening blood pressure measurements from the last seven days. The advanced arrhythmia detection also warns the user of atrial fibrillation – an important sign for the prevention of strokes but one which is often not recognised as a warning signal by those affected at all or too late due to the unspecific symptoms.

Keep an eye on your heart's health: ECG function for reliable monitoring
The BM 96 Cardio cannot only measure blood pressure, it also has a 1-channel ECG function. An ECG stick can be used to record heart rhythm over 30-120 seconds and to create an electrocardiogram (ECG). This enables changes in heart rhythm to be detected early and further examinations to be carried out by a doctor.

The BM 96 Cardio is multifunctional. There are three different measurement methods for the ECG analysis: right index finger-chest, left index finger-chest and left hand-right hand. The most suitable procedure for each individual user depends on the application-specific heart configuration (shape of the heart). After the measurement, the ECG stick can be easily stored in the practical recess on the device. The medical device has two user memories for 60 measurement values each and can be operated intuitively via four sensor touch buttons. All results are easy to read on the illuminated white XL display. The recorded data can also be transferred directly to the "beurer HealthManager" app or the new "beurer HealthManager Pro" app via Bluetooth® – perfect for long-term monitoring or the next doctor's appointment.

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