The digital and real world of fastening become one fischer BIM Services

fischer’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) services provide added efficiency during projects and offer many advantages such as adherence to timeframes and budgets. Smart, digital twins of fischer fixing and system solutions are just as much part of the range as BIM engineering services. The various support options encompass the entire planning, construction and operational phases of buildings in line with the respective requirements of the customers and projects.

Strong and sustainable construction helpers fischer universal mortar marketing campaign

fischer's injection mortars offer maximum performance even under extreme conditions, whether it be fastenings in masonry or concrete, on large construction sites or DIY projects, in the blazing sun or in heavy rain. Comprehensive advertising materials from an ongoing marketing campaign for both chemical fixing solutions, FIS V Plus and FIS V Zero, highlight the above. 

Never before has there been such a concession!

Objects in a wall cupboard can be a challenge, depending on your height. Especially if items are placed in the back. With the innovation VS TOP® Down, this has now come to an end. The system sets a new standard in the ergonomically difficult-to-access wall cupboard area! A minimal pull on the handle element, which is invisible from the outside, is all it takes for the elegant sheet steel shelf to gently emerge from the wall cupboard and make its contents conveniently accessible - all in keeping with the Universal Design.

VS WASH: sort, stow, transport

Regardless of whether the washing machine is in the cellar, the utility room, the kitchen or the bathroom - collecting and transporting dirty laundry is a special challenge in every household. Finding sufficient and suitable space for this is an important part of comfortable living space design in everyday life. The VS WASH is the clean solution for dirty laundry. Because with this laundry system, it can be neatly sorted, stored and transported - completely invisibly.

Vauth-Sagel is going full steam ahead into the USA!

Erkeln, 22 August 2022 – Vauth-Sagel relies on North America. There, the company is to be represented at the largest trade fair for woodworking technology and design again this year. The International Woodworking Fair® (IWF) is taking place from 23 – 26 August 2022 in the World Congress Center Atlanta, Georgia. The USA is considered to be one of the most important strategic focus markets. Particular attention is paid to products that meet the specific American requirements and take account of the desire for European design combined with US tradition.


With MOMO NET, the Momo collection becomes lighter and more transparent and even more suitable for outdoor use. The structure remains the same as in the previous version, while the part of the body contact that comes in this model supplied in stretched mesh changes.


With DAILY, Jun Yasumoto, together with Colos, tackles a classic industrial design theme: the wooden seat and backrest joined together and supported by a metal frame. The design idea was mainly to preserve the formal and technical simplicity of this traditional product, but to add a subtle refinement to achieve a result suitable for more sophisticated environments.