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Bicycle and mobility industry preparing to present innovations

Submitted by J. Mikhail on Sun, 07/03/2022 - 17:35

Renowned companies of today and tomorrow meet at the leading trade fair Eurobike – with a fully booked Start-Up Area and returning industry giants, the trade fair becomes an innovation show

Frankfurt – In a few weeks, Eurobike will open its doors for the first time in Frankfurt. Large parts of the bicycle and mobility industry are making final preparations to show their best side in the metropolis on the River Main from July 13 to 17, 2022. Eurobike is a meeting place for the industry itself and the end users. This promise attracts young, innovative companies to the exhibition grounds and the fully booked Start-Up Area. But also major players in the industry use the Eurobike fair to present their portfolio and innovations. Many important brands are back – with some big names returning to the leading trade fair. "With a top participation of more than 1500 exhibiting companies from all over the world, the 30th Eurobike shows what is possible together – Frankfurt turns into Eurobike City, and cycling and the urban mobility of tomorrow are more relevant than ever in the context of current events," announces Stefan Reisinger, managing director at fairnamic.

All kinds of different and exciting players can be found in the fully occupied Start-Up Area. Some of them have taken a long journey to finally stand in the spotlight of the globally important bicycle fair. The young and innovative companies represent the diversity of Eurobike; they are based in Hall 8, the flagship for future mobility, covering important topics like sustainability, digitalization and new mobility concepts. On an event area that also features a networking lounge, the start-ups can connect with the trade audience and visitors and take major steps regarding their personal future and the future of the industry.

The start-up Hillstrike d.o.o serves adrenaline junkies as well as newcomers to mountain biking and skiing. For this purpose, the Slovenian company combines bicycle technology, such as downhill pedals with lots of grip and powerful suspension forks, with three short skis. This Snowtrike offers a real carving experience when it comes to ski biking with rear-mounted tilt technology and proves that technology from the bicycle industry has the potential to change other industries as well.

Eurobike also presents newcomers in the performance-oriented high-tech sector of the bicycle industry. The British Aero Sensor Ltd. has developed sensors that monitor the cyclist's posture on the bicycle and the air resistance with high precision. Paired with a third sensor that measures lap times and transfers them directly to the bike computer, the technology is designed to enable major steps towards optimal aerodynamics.

With Imero GmbH, physical products can receive an individual digital component with very little effort. The company offers NFC chips that can be installed in all kinds of products, including bicycles and accessories. Digital content can be created directly via the Imero platform. Customers can offer spare parts or accessories there, make customer service accessible, and include operating instructions or certificates of authenticity. For companies and their business models, this means having a new communication channel with their customers.

Micromobility is also a focus topic at Eurobike. Even beyond traditional bicycles and e-bikes, many new solutions are currently establishing themselves on the market and in society. The company Revoltz Ltd from Israel presents its idea of light electric vehicles. It currently consists of a cargo e-trike called Porto and the tri-wheel passenger transport vehicle O3. Both models can travel well over 100 kilometers with one battery charge. The driving experience should be safe, fast, efficient and entertaining, not least thanks to the aerodynamic design.

Industry giants return to Eurobike

The long list of industry heavyweights at Eurobike signals the high expectations of the leading trade fair. It is a driver of mobility change and clearly demonstrates the power with which the bicycle and LEV economy is building momentum.

The trade network Bike & Co. has a special relationship with the location of Frankfurt. In 2021, the network hosted the joint dealer show EUROBICO with the organizers of Eurobike. It also acted as a test run at the new location for today's fairnamic GmbH. Jörg Müsse, spokesman of the BICO Zweirad Marketing GmbH management comments: "The decision to be an exhibitor at this year's Eurobike in Frankfurt was not difficult after last year's very successful EUROBICO. On the contrary, BICO will also hold its general meeting within the context of Eurobike and expand its presence once again. In principle, a reorganization of Eurobike was certainly necessary and the developments we've seen so far are promising. For sustainable market development, it is no longer sufficient to just take a pure view of the bicycle as a product. From my point of view, the central location including the support of national and municipal politics are valuable additions in order to make society and politics more aware of cycling."

Component manufacturer Sram is an absolute heavyweight of the industry and will once again play a major role at Eurobike this year. "With the exception of 2021, Sram had a major presentation at Eurobike right from the start. Due to the uncertainty regarding Covid-19, the challenges in the supply chain and the low number of participants, we decided not to participate in 2021. The new location and the new dates, the cycling boom, the stronger focus on end users and the great desire for personal contacts were important reasons for us to be part of Eurobike again. The organizers are moving in the right direction and we are convinced of the new approach and concept," says Sram Marketing Manager Géraldine Bergeron.

Also the German bag manufacturer Ortlieb is very confident regarding the concept and location. "The new location is well chosen for us as an internationally active brand with partners in 50 countries, as the accessibility of the trade fair has of course increased significantly. The new concept with a clear, future-oriented approach as the establishment of a platform and trade fair for the mobility of tomorrow seems very coherent so far. We therefore look forward to the first Eurobike in Frankfurt and an inspiring time and a reunion with our partners and customers," says Peter Wöstmann, PR & Communications Manager at Ortlieb.

The 30th Eurobike will open its doors each day from Wednesday, July 13, to Sunday, July 17, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Public days: Saturday and Sunday. For more information, go to: