ProWein 2022 - +++ Press events +++ Topics and trends +++

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ProWein 2022 - +++ Press events +++ Topics and trends +++

ProWein at a Glance (as per: 9 May 2022)

Focal Theme Wines
The biggest exhibiting nations are Italy (1,400), France (1,100), Germany (700), Spain (650), Austria (270), Portugal (350) and overseas (500).

Focal Theme Spirits
Some 300 exhibitors from 30 countries showcase their special spirits.  

Tasting Options
Visitors can enjoy tastings at individual exhibitors’ stands or use thematically grouped tasting areas. These for instance include the tasting zone in Hall 4 with the award-winning wines of the MUNDUS VINI Spring Tasting or numerous tastings of wines typical of specific countries or regions (see accompanying programme).  

Trend Show “same but different”
“same but different” is dedicated to the trending Craft theme and features around 120 exhibitors from 24 countries in Hall 7.0 with hand-picked Craft Spirits, Craft Beers & Ciders. The largest space is taken up by the Craft Spirits theme with around 106 exhibitors, followed by 8 cider exhibitors and 6 brewers.

Champagne Lounge
At ProWein, a total of 150 exhibitors present the entire spectrum Champagne has to offer. From traditional Champagne houses to smaller Champagne vintners as well as biodynamic Champagnes, everything is represented at ProWein. Champagne and wine suppliers for restaurants, hotels, the retail trade and specialist wine merchants complete the picture here. Around 50 participants such as Taittinger, Aspasie, Pierre Mignon, Pierre Brocard, Champagne Ayala will be showcased in the classy Champagne Lounge.
Hall 9 / A09-C30

urban gastronomy by #asktoni & ProWein
The “urban gastronomy by #asktoni & ProWein” industry get-together in Hall 4 is aimed specifically at the hospitality sector. ProWein is organising this industry get-together together with Toni Askitis – himself a gastronome, sommelier and influencer. At the heart of the event are daily workshops featuring tastings specifically geared to the needs of hospitality. These are oriented to the different levels of knowledge of hospitality staff – because they are often customers’ first point of contact in restaurants. Accordingly, workshops are offered for beginners, advanced and professionals.
Hall 4 / F30

Trend Hour Tastings
ProWein will return to Düsseldorf on 15 May 2022, but wine was never really gone despite the pandemic. It turns out that wine is one of the most “resilient” products to the virus. Adaptation, it seems, is the key. And in the three years since, many producers in the wine world have begun to invest seriously in adapting their vineyards to climate change. Wine is tough, but it is also playful. Today, many innovative new wine products that would have been rejected at other times are suddenly being welcomed with open arms. Moreover, the topic of “zero alcohol” is now playing an increasingly important role. Stuart Pigott and Paula Sidore –ProWein’s own trend scouts – will provide deep insights into these topics at the Trend Hour Tasting 2022. 
15 and 16 May at 5.00 pm in Hall 1, Room 14

Caravanning & wine
Wine tourism is an important sales-promoting and image-building channel for many winegrowers. In combination with caravanning vacations completely new perspectives open up. Direct overnight stays at wineries are particularly attractive – and many winegrowers have already responded to the increased demand by continuously expanding the number of motorhome pitches. In response to this, there is a new cooperation between ProWein, on the one hand, and CARAVAN SALON Düsseldorf with his partner the Caravaning Industrie Verband (CIVD), on the other hand.
Special Area in Hall 1 – Stand D 80

 Press Events
(more press events at in the press sector)

Press Talk: book presentation by Fair and Green:  Holistic Sustainability in the Wine Business – Future-Proof Solutions for the Complete Value Chain
Today, the topic of sustainability has penetrated deep into all areas of society – including the wine industry. This book offers an overview of the current state of play regarding sustainability in viticulture as well as an outlook on further developments in this field. Several recognised practitioners and proven experts from science, research and consulting were involved in the anthology. The contributions provide an insight into the different areas of sustainability and shed light on the economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainability. 
Sunday, 15 May, 11.00 am: Book Presentation by Fair and Green e.V. in Hall 4 Stand A60

Drink Pink: Germany’s best rosé and sparkling wines
Rosé (sparkling) wines underwent an enormous boost in quality and image over the past few years.  No wonder the German Wine Institute is picking up on this trend and putting this topic in the limelight at ProWein 2022. Visitors can expect an open tasting of Germany’s 20 best rosé wines at the DWI stand throughout ProWein. An international jury from the most important export countries for German wines made this selection. The three best wines or rosés will be chosen from this line-up on ProWein Sunday at 11.00 am.
Sunday, 15 May, 11.00 am: Hall 1, Stand E120

Sangre de Toro ProWein Launch
Familia Torres invites the press to a Spanish evening and presents the brand Sangre de Toro, which is also the official partner of the Spanish National Team.
Sunday, 15 May from 7.00 pm at Restaurant Quomo, Stromstraße 20 in Düsseldorf – Registration at


Themes and Trends 
Trending: the 0-% bottle

Alcohol-free is an increasingly important trend. Be it wines or spirits – more and more suppliers are focusing on this topic. In the USA and Great Britain, “Mindful Drinking” and/or “Sober Curiosity” have been around for a long time. The desire for zero alcohol is making the rounds especially in Generation “Z”, those born since 1997. In addition, health consciousness is growing; moreover, calories can be saved by reaching for the 0-percent bottle. A wide variety of suppliers from Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands will be presenting alcohol-free wines and spirits at ProWein 2022

Under the motto “Sober is the new cool”, Kolonne Null develops alcohol-free wines and sparkling variants in co-production with award-winning family wine-growing estates (such as Gut Leitz/Rheingau; Graf Neipperg/Württemberg). (Hall 1, Stand A 64)

With Nassau Free, a high-quality, tasty whisky alternative without alcohol comes onto the market - produced by the traditional German distillery "Heinrich Habbel". The Nassau Free transfers the aroma diversity and balance of the single malt whisky 1:1 to the non-alcoholic. (Hall 7, Stand B14)

The Meininger Verlag publishing house (Hall 4, Stand A20) will present a selection of non-alcoholic wines and/or spirits on the ProWein Sunday (at 1.00 and 2.00 pm).

The two ProWein trend scouts Paula Redes Sidore and Stuart Pigott have also put together a small selection of non-alcoholic wines and spirits for their Trend Hour Tastings (Hall 1, Room 14 Sunday and Monday 5.00-6.00 pm) alongside other trend products.

In the Trendshow “same but different” (Hall 7.0) non-alcoholic has already played a prominent role since 2018. In particular, trendsetter Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin (Hall 7.0, Stand B 26) has been making headlines since 2018 with its “Wonderleaf”. The range of comparable products has grown rapidly since then. For example, Dr. Jaglas GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand B 04) from Berlin has caused a stir with its alcohol-free hibiscus aperitif. Rich in tradition Alfred Schladerer GmbH (Hall 7.0, Stand B 44) is also focusing on VINCENT, an alcohol-free herb-based aperitif refined with ripe raspberries. The same applies to HEIMAT Distillers (Hall 7.0, Stand C 34) from Schwaigern. In addition to their Dry Gin and a ginger spirit, they offer non-alcoholic alternatives, such as the vogelfrei SUGAR CANE with a rum-like flavour. 

Sangria from a paper can
Pulpoloco Sangria imported from Spain is marketed in an aseptic paper can. This paper can looks like a conventional beverage can, but uses 30 per cent less material than aluminium or PET, the materials usually used for beverage cans. 
Global Wine & Food Trade SL: Hall 14, Stand A18

Message on a bottle
The perfect thank you for everyday heroes – why not let a bottle of wine do the talking to say thank you? Heuchelberg Weingärtner e.G. has created a bottle with a special label for just this purpose: “For World Saviours – Red Wine Cuvée”, in a very unusual bottle. The basic idea: the label on the back of the bottle features a list of “world saving” occasions for you to tick as a multipurpose “greetings card”.
Heuchelberg Weingärtner e.G., Hall 1, Stand C29

Asparagus Gin and more
Berlin-based distillery Kreutz has also made it its goal to shape new trends. Urban Garden Gin, for example, is particularly sustainable. The most important botanical is beach mugwort, a climate-robust plant that grows on the company’s own rooftop garden. For the harvest, the team simply goes up two storeys onto the roof. Also in the range: asparagus gin as the perfect accompaniment to any asparagus or springtime dish. 
Berlin Distillery Kreutz GmbH: Hall 7, Stand B30

Scotch Ale matured in a barrel
The flavour worlds of craft beer and whisky are united by St. Kilians X BRLO at ProWein 2022, presented by Neue Bierkultur GmbH. BRLO simply matures its Scotch Ale in original St. Kilians whisky barrels, creating a new taste experience.  
Neue Bierkultur GmbH: Hall 7, Stand C59


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