Birba presents a new image for its Nuria Family packs.

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Birba presents a new image for its Nuria Family packs. It consists of a much cleaner and more minimalist design, with which we want to highlight the quality of the product.

The new design has provided our company a strong brand recognition on the linear of the supermarkets, differentiation between its ranges and references, an acquisition of clear communication of superiority, naturalness, and product quality and it has ameliorated the organization of messages and benefits provided by each product. 

MBA CENTAR - Making Baking Awsome

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Our story begins in 1992 with the opening of a small neighborhood bakery. Since then, we have been developing new ideas and products to make people’s lives tasty and nice. We are fascinated by good flavor and food. As a result of our commitment to our clients, we offer products perfect in taste and shape. We have presented the unique culinary tradition of our area around the world with the special aroma and taste of sweet and savory products of jufka*, (traditional phyllo dough from Bosnia and Herzegovina).


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Visit us and taste one of the most reputed Iberico Bellota Ham from Spain!

FISAN is bringing to ANUGA 2021 its Fine Gastronomy Acorn-Fed (Bellota) Iberico Pork Products: Iberico Bellota Ham Fine Gastronomy (awarded with the 3* at the Superior Taste Awards Brussels 2021), Loin, Chorizo and Truffled Salchichon (awarded product in SIAL 2018 as an innovative product).

dried apricots 

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natural sun dried apricots and suphured dried apricots in whole and also other varities as diced etc.

Akdaglar Kuru Gida Ith. Ihr. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., Haniminciftligi Mah. Battalgazi Cad. 4km Battalgazi No: 176/1, 44100 MALATYA, Turkey
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Bekir Tahsin Akdeniz


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SLAMA GROUP is a Holding specialized in B2C & B2B activities:
* B2B activity: CSM GIAS is a joint venture between CSM Bakery solutions, the leading global producer of premium quality bakery ingredients, and GIAS, Tunisian producer of bakery fats, pastry and bread ingredients. 
* B2C activity: GIAS INDUSTRIES is Proud to be the first industrial to bring to Tunisian market a margarine without trans-fats, the team of GIAS Industries keeps its promise to offer every day to each family the best products providing health, growth and development.

EU Poultry – premium quality chicken meat manufacturer presenting new trademark “HENY”

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Welcome to the world of delicious food, we are happy to introduce you our new trademark HENY.

The Slovak poultry meat processor, EU Poultry, is bringing a novelty to the Eastern European market – marinated poultry meat, in a baking dish - HENY For Baking. A novelty that will make you a chef and will surprise the whole family.

Ozturk Quebap Producción, S.L.

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Ozturk Quebap Producción, S.L., we are a company specialized in the traditional production of Kebab and thematic meat products.
Based in Toledo (Spain), it was founded in 2015 by a team of workers with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.
During these years we have established ourselves as the largest producer in the entire Iberian Peninsula and a benchmark in Europe.
Our factory is equipped with the best machinery on the market, which provides us with a production capacity of over 400Tn / month.

Prealpi seek to expand international presence amid celebration for 100th aniversary at Anuga Trade Show

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Prealpi S.p.a. a historical company in the Italian dairy panorama will present long awaited new products and innovative packaging solutions at Anuga 2021, while preparing celebrations for the company's upcoming 100th aniversary. 


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Vegamancha Vega Sotuelamos Spanish Cheese Makers, Calle Ciudad Real 3, C. de Monte-Aragón, Spain
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